How to SourceExtract the entire html code?


I want to capture the whole html code of a page and put it in a csv file. I didn’t find a command like CaptureEntireHTMLpage

It sounds simple, just use SourceExtract with a regex like .* but it doesnt work on special caracters and linefeeds.

I managed a this regex : [<>=-_.:;"’/û,€éèêçàïëü&|()%!+*’\’?$\w\s]*
but it doesn’t work for all web pages

So is it possible to have a regex which select all kind of characters or to have all the html code extracted and saved in a csv file or directly on the hard drive like the LocalStorageExport command?

Saving source with chrome extension

Thanks for the good problem description. As you said, doing this reliable for all kind of websites via sourceExtract can be tricky. => It sounds like what you need is a function “Save Page As” (HTML only), like Chrome and Firefox offer it.

This is not yet available, but is on our todo list for the July upgrade. And once we have it, LocalStorageExport will allow you to export it to a local file.

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