Kantu for Chrome/Firefox

Kantu is a modern open-source web macro recorder. It uses Selenium IDE commands for the basics, and adds computer vision for Visual UI Testing on top. Use it for general web automation, web testing, form filling & web scraping. Questions? Suggestions? Please post them here!

SeeShell Windows Automation

SeeShell for Desktop Automation is AI and image-driven automation for Windows. Automate your complete desktop workflow the “a9t9-way” by using screenshots and OCR.
The SeeShell Browser for Web Automation is a Chromium based web browser with built-in computer vision. Automating complex web applications was never easier and faster.

OCR.space Free OCR API

Tech support and discussion for the free ocr api on https://ocr.space. Our OCR API forum is monitored by our tech support staff. Every user benefits from the questions and answers provided in the forum, that is why we would ask you to post the question first if a public forum is appropriate for your question. Users of the OCR API PRO plans can also contact tech support directly via our contact page or phone.