Downloading data into CSV


Going to:

has six tabs. The second tab “Register of Action” will have different number of pages. I would like to put data on all pages (nine in this example) into a csv file.

If I could click on the > symbol to the right of the page number until there is no > symbol on the last page that would get all the pages.

The other issues is how to get and integrate the data from these 9 pages into one csv file.

Ideally the csv file could be assigned the court case file number.


All this can be done with Kantu, but it is a rather complex macro. You will need to use while/endWhile and some checks to loop over the pages.

If you want, we can write the macro for you. Our web macro writing service starts at US$99. Please contact us if this option is interesting.

If you want to do it yourself, we are happy to help here in the forum for free :slight_smile:


This is for volunteer advocacy so there is zero budget.

How do automate exporting the information on the url below into a csv file?

I can stop the script and select all and then paste into a file, but I don’t understand how I can automate this process. Other sites have an export feature that I can automate.


I can’t access your link.
i’ve recently made a looping reading of tables, divided into several pages. All pages are gathered in one csv exported.
I can give you my raw macro, you’ll have to modify it to fit your demands.
Does it suit you?