Xmodule installed but Kantu not identifying it


I get the status updated: Not Installed, though it is installed on my machine.

Screenshot of the error: http://prntscr.com/lj4kid

I am on windows 7. This happens with both Chrome and Firefox.


Strange. It should work just fine on Windows 7 (see my screenshot below). Is there anything special about your Windows 7 installation? (It is locked down in any way? Or some anti-virus software?..)



I have Sophos EndPoint installed on my system. I did not try outside of my network to check this issue with the AntiVirus.

Do you have any advise for Sophos EndPoint?



We tested with Sophos Endpoint installed now. The installation works fine, and Kantu detects the installed XModules. So I guess the issue is something else, but I am not sure what.