visualAssert: No input image found for file name


What are the conditions where visualAssert will return the error: “No input image found for file name…”

I ask because I can see the image in my “Visual” tab.

I am attempting to run the “DemoComputerVision” macro. It initially failed on the image democv_startocr.png so I attempted to replace it with a new image named “democv_startocr_dpi_96.png” I could see the original and the current images but no dice.

I am currently attempting to text Kantu to see if it will meet my needs.


We have some reports that computer vision input images can not be found during macro replay directly after a fresh Kantu installation on Windows. Your post sounds like it is this issue, too.

Solution: This only happens directly after an installation. Closing Kantu and all Chrome instances once solves the issue. Then the issue disappears and never(*) returns.

*It might return after an extension update. Then closing all Chrome instances, and restarting Chrome/Kantu solves it again.

(Of course, debugging and fixing the root cause of this issue is on our todo list, ticket #435)

visualAsserting between screenshot and local image

I’m also seeing the same issue with the VisualAssert and VisualVerify commands not finding the image even after it’s just selected and saved it.
Please clarify if there’s another workaround, as closing all Chrome browsers and restarting doesn’t seem to fix? Many thanks
(apologies for high-jacking the thread)


@Cootin Is this a fresh install or upgrade?


Hi, It was an upgrade.The demo examples also fail for the same reason.
(as a side note VisualSearch seems to run ok, but doesn’t fail when I expect it too ? )


So even after closing all browser instances the issue still remains? Do you see the same issue with Firefox, too?

VisualSearch does not fail even if no image is found, it just returns “0” as search result.