Unable to install Xmodules


So I am trying to install Xmodules for Kantu, I have basically gone through what I could find to debug, I have also tried using the command chmod +x but nothing seems to be working.

basically I get the error:

File ‘kantu-xy-host’ is not executable or found

File ‘kantu-cv-host’ is not executable or found

File ‘kantu-file-access-host’ is not executable or found

It seems the extracted files are NOT executable. You need to make them executable with chmod +x

(I am working on a mac)

Hopefully someone can help.


What macOS version is this?

=> If you can post a screencast of your installation, maybe I can spot a problem.


It’ High Sierra, (10.13.6)

Hope that helps…


High Sierra (10.13.6) is supported and should work. The next step would be a screencast :wink:


Hi there how would you want me to do a screen cast, (I would prefer not sending it on a public forum)
(the screen cast is done, I would just like a way to share it privately)


Hi, you can email us directly at team AT a9t9.com


Ok great just sent an e-mail with the screen cast, I hope you can find where it went wrong