Screenshots not being taken saved/ Extract Images not being taken


I’m having issues with the image extraction functions.

My loop runs just fine, however the Screenshot command is taking an image of the Seeshell Desktop instead of what is displayed instead of the active window or my current desktop.

Fine, so I decided to workaround it and utilize the IMAGE extract function to pull what I’m looking for.

Problems I’m having with that are

  1. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Same search, same everything.

  2. I have not yet successfully gotten it to take different images on successive loops.

So, I’m wondering

  1. Is the issue with the screenshot typical. This seems pretty simple and yet it’s clearly not taking an image of my currently displayed images.

  2. This issue with the extract IMAGE. Is it not designed to extract data from successive loops as it works its way through repetitive searches. I would think no, but to this point it doesn’t. The loops run with no problem, but the images are not extracted after the first loop.


Just wondering if anyone has any feedback.

Love the program but obviously it not being able to pull data as it’s looping is an issue.

My primary question is with the screenshot function, really, as it seems that command flat doesn’t work in terms of capturing the active window, even when selecting “partial”

This platform seems better than that, and does some great stuff, so I’m having problems believing that this simple command just doesn’t work, so I’m wondering what, if anything, people know there.




Love program and have dumped tons of time into developing these tools at this point, but this is what my screenshots look like. As inicated, this is the actual Seeshell desktop. As the macro loops through the records it does take a screenshot, but they look like this.


Can someone please help me here?
If this is a known bug in the desktop version please tell me. If it’s a dumb question, please tell me.

Right now I’m stuck and totally unable to extract data via the desktop version. The loop works perfectly, cycles right on through, but the extraction functions aren’t working on successive loops. I don’t mind paying for this program if it actually works, although right now it’s not doing what it seems it should be.

I’ve tried the workaround I see available and really all I need to accomplish my task is a simple screenshot at various points in the loop that will take shots of the new returns of successive loops and store them for retrieval.

Will this do this or not? and if so, how do I go about doing it. I have the “screenshot” function in my loop, but it doesn’t shoot the active window, as indicated, but the SeeShell desktop instead, and I cannot figure out why. The extract function extracts, but does not extract on loops and store that data beyond the first loop.

I really appreciate the help I’ve gotten so far and love this program. Please let me know your thoughts so I can get over this last hurdle.

Thank You!