[Recreator Required] [BUG] => Test case for debugging needed] Script freezes unexpectedly with no error written to log. Manual pause/resume brings it back


Is there a way to collect developer log or something similar?


We have heard about this issue a few times, but what we do not have yet is a nice test case (test macro) that we can run on our machines and debug. This would be a great help for debugging and fixing the issue.

If that is not possible, as second best solution a screencast of the error happening on your machine would be a good help, too - then we learn at least more about the situations when it is happening.

If you do not want to share a screencast or test case publicaly in the forum, you can also email it to us directly.


Sometimes my Macro freezes right after I awakening the monitor. Sometimes if i had many tabs open in Chrome while a macro is running, it takes more chances to freeze.


I realize this kind of issue is hard to catch but I doubt screencast will give you more input.
Besides the whole reason is to run scripts unattended. Constantly recording the screen seems to much for me.
And there is no use of providing script. I run test suite and Kantu stops randomly at any given script.
So there is no specific steps to replicate. Like there is a deep timeout somewhere in the code not written to log.


Interesting… some questions:

  • Kantu for Firefox or Chrome, or both?
  • Mac, Windows or Linux (and what version)
  • Are the macros and test suites especially long? (Longer than what we ship with “DemoTestSuite”)?

  1. Chrome
  2. Win 8.1
  3. About the same size. Might be a little longer. But it has loop with about 10 iterations of the major part of the loop.

My settings:


I’ve just captured this freezing.
It froze on storeEval.

You can see the values here:

After pause and resume the script is back to live.


Thanks, this is useful information… we are trying to recreate this here.


Now that happened on StoreText


On beta freezing still persist… I’m trying to locate any useful information, but that is not easy.

!RUNTIME “83.44s”


On beta freezing still persist…

I wish it would be different :wink: … but that said, the current beta “only” adds XFileAccess, so that was to be expected.

Apparent stalling and no CSV view