Launching from cmd opens multiple Kantu windows


Launching Chrome and Kantu from a .vbs script, passing arguments to the HMTL file produced by testsuites, can lead to multiple Kantu windows opening.

The number of windows is random and so not reproducible: a couple of days ago 4 opened; today 3; last week 2.

The script worked, although the other day it failed several times, making it hard to rule out a cause.


This sounds like some kind of timing issue inside the Kantu launch code. We will try to recreate this.

…although the other day it failed several times,

As a workaround, you can check the macro status and relaunch Kantu if needed. For example script code, please see the run a macro “forever” powershell script.


I considered your suggested workaround yesterday but I’m not sure it’s the optimal solution for my use-case (I’m reading from a csv file and writing to another).

Anyway, if it helps further debugging, some more info…

When the Kantu window opens, multiple messages appear, saying:

“can only run testsuites when it’s not recording or playing”

There must be around 10 of these messages which eventually disappear.

Another issue that may be related (or not - in which case I’m happy to open another post):

My Kantu script opens each URL in a new tab, where it does its business before closing it, and so on.

Sometimes, multiple tabs open with the same page, slowing the script somewhat. At its worst, I’ve seen 8 tabs.

Hope this helps