Kantu keeps stopping at the same command


Hey @TechSupport , I’m experiencing this issue with if statements. Execution hangs until I click pause and resume.
I’ve got this script running on an applescript run forever loop that waits for the macro to complete, and then kills Chrome and restarts.
Unfortunately if the execution hangs, we never hit that mark. I can make the applescript kill on a timer, but thats possibly problematic if the script was in the middle of a something important.
These are screenshots showing hanging conditions and the runtime variable. I haven’t found a pattern.

I’ll start trying to make a test case. My script runs behind a password.


Having a test case would be great! You can also email it directly to us (team AT a9t9.com).


This is happen when you face some technical issue , that time I would suggest you to go D-Link Customer Service for help, they told you how to solve this.