How do I auto close the browser tab when the macro finishes running?


How do I auto close the browser tab when the macro finishes running?Preformatted text


You can do this with two selectWindows commands:

  • selectWindow | TAB=0 (Switch back to the tab you want to be on, for example 0 = most left tab)
  • selectWindow | TAB=CLOSEALLOTHER (close all other tabs)


Thanks Timo,

What I would like to do, is just kill the tab that I am on, not the other tabs. How can I do this?


This can not be done yet. May I ask why do want to kill “only 1” tab? And once the tab is closed, in which tab should the macro continue?


I work on cases, when the Macro is finished, the case is done and that tab can be closed – there must be some way?

maybe incorporating the chrome shortcut CTRL + W


Is there not some way to let the program us run the following keyboard command:

CTRL + W << that will close the TAB


Not yet, but soon. Stay tuned for the release of the XType command :slight_smile:


Does this work yet? – the close tab thing?


Yes,… using Xtype you send send the keystrokes:


Close one Tab only

Awesome!!! thank you so much


I tried this, but got an error


You need to install the XModules first:


Since today’s update, another option is to use SelectWindow | tab=close