God I love Kantu, but when enough is enough?


I get new Kantu error almost every day.
Today is:
[kantu] until: panel tab id recorded expired!

And now I see this:

I mean…
Guys, good work costs money for sure.
But isn’t it way too premature for monetization?


These are two very different topics in one post :wink:

First about the error(s): Please feel free to open a ticket for every Kantu issue you find. This is always helpful. Ideally, of course, you can also include a test case that allows us to recreate the bug.

Beta pricing: The beta pricing you posted is for the XModules PRO plans - not Kantu. In other words, Kantu is and remains completely free and open-source.

  • Many users don’t need the XModules at all, since all of their tasks can be solved with the open-source Kantu core.

  • Others use the XModules features, but the free plan is enough for them.

  • Yet others use Kantu + XModules on important, commercial projects, and they are happy to pay for additional features and direct support.

Very good question! We thought about this - but decided against it. The reason is: We really, really don’t like the (in my opinion) sneaky method of first offering everything for free, and then only later, when many people are “hooked”, start charging for things that were formerly free.

=> With us, if you use Kantu and XModules, you can be sure that what is free, will stay free. :free: :smiley:


I’m ok with free. I’m ok with paid commercial use.
I don’t use XClick at all… yet… however…
I don’t get how you can ask for money with so many errors?

Thanks for whatever we have anyways.

BTW is this considered a ticket? Or do I have to open it anywhere else?


Errors yes, but “so many”? It would be great if you can list the issues that you find most annoying for your work (you can link to the forum posts that mention them). Feedback like this is very welcome, it helps us prioritize the most important issues first.

Yes, for bug reports: forum post = ticket. We then link to the forum posts in our own internal ticket system. And then update the post once an issue is fixed, or if we have more questions.


Ahh… ok there we go:

  1. [error] Invocation of form tabs.get(null, function) doesn’t match definition tabs.get(integer tabId, function callback)
  2. Kantu in incognito mode: SelectWindow | tab=open | url) opens normal window (NOT incognito)
  3. How do I change a value in an array?
  4. [error] Error in runEval code: Refused to evaluate a string as JavaScript because ‘unsafe-eval’
  5. Script freezes unexpectedly with no error written to log. Manual pause/resume brings it back
  6. [bugs] Fail to inject in while loop and sometimes freezing of the script
  7. This topic as well.

This is my list so far. These are only I personally have stuck upon.
If I could give them grades (which I’d prefer not not to, because every single one of them is a distraction), I’d say unexpected freezes (#5) for me is the most annoying.

I know compared to the numbers of lines you have put in this project guys this is just nothing, but one single bug can make potentially whole work useless.


This is a useful list, thanks.