Getting [error] Cannot read property 'toUpperCase' of undefined error OR #nomatchfound as output

<div id="calview">
	<div class="row top-space">
	Slots Available. Click on preferable date to Book the Slot
	<div class="table-responsive">
		<table class="table cal_table table-bordered">
			<tbody><tr align="center">
				<td colspan="7">
					<a href="/slotscov6/" style="text-decoration:none;"><span class="glyphicon glyphicon-chevron-left" aria-hidden="true"></span>
						Prev</a>&nbsp;&nbsp; May 2019&nbsp;&nbsp; 
					<a href="/slotscov6/" style="text-decoration:none;">Next
						<span class="glyphicon glyphicon-chevron-right " aria-hidden="true"></span></a></td>

			<tr align="center" class="cal_days">
			<tr align="center">

						<td style="color: white;">&nbsp;</td>



						<td style="color: white;">&nbsp;</td>



						<td style="color: white;">&nbsp;</td>



						<td class="cal_blue" style="color: #0080FF;">1&nbsp;</td>



						<td class="cal_red" style="color: red;">2&nbsp;</td>



						<td class="cal_blue" style="color: #0080FF;">3&nbsp;</td>



						<td class="cal_blue" style="color: #0080FF;">4&nbsp;</td>

			<tr align="center">


						<td class="cal_blue" style="color: #0080FF;">5&nbsp;</td>



						<td class="cal_blue" style="color: #0080FF;">6&nbsp;</td>



						<td class="cal_blue" style="color: #0080FF;">7&nbsp;</td>



						<td class="cal_blue" style="color: #0080FF;">8&nbsp;</td>



						<td class="cal_gray">9&nbsp;</td>



						<td class="cal_gray">10&nbsp;</td>



						<td class="cal_gray">11&nbsp;</td>

			<tr align="center">


						<td class="cal_gray">12&nbsp;</td>



						<td class="cal_gray">13&nbsp;</td>



						<td class="cal_gray">14&nbsp;</td>



						<td class="cal_gray">15&nbsp;</td>



						<td class="cal_gray">16&nbsp;</td>



						<td class="cal_gray">17&nbsp;</td>



						<td class="cal_gray">18&nbsp;</td>

			<tr align="center">


						<td class="cal_gray">19&nbsp;</td>



						<td class="cal_gray">20&nbsp;</td>



						<td class="cal_gray">21&nbsp;</td>



						<td class="cal_gray">22&nbsp;</td>



						<td class="cal_gray">23&nbsp;</td>



						<td class="cal_gray">24&nbsp;</td>



						<td class="cal_gray">25&nbsp;</td>

			<tr align="center">


						<td class="cal_gray">26&nbsp;</td>



						<td class="cal_gray">27&nbsp;</td>



						<td class="cal_gray">28&nbsp;</td>



						<td class="cal_gray">29&nbsp;</td>



						<td class="cal_gray">30&nbsp;</td>



						<td class="cal_gray">31&nbsp;</td>




How do I get the text “May 2019” in two separate text variables from this code?
Google Inspector / Developer Tool gave me the XPath as follows -->


But this gives me error -->


Cannot read property 'toUpperCase' of undefined

Removing the text() part from the xpath gives output as #nomatchfound

Please help.


Do you have a website link?


Unfortunately sharing the URL alone is not possible, it’s like a wizard and you need an applicant’s application number and date of birth. Kantu command(s) don’t work on saved files.