Firefox 3.5.0 - Screenshots not appearing in Screenshots tab


Hi there,

I have a couples of macros that navigate to a page then use CaptureEntirePageScreenshot to take a screenshot.

These macros work in the chrome version, but in Firefox, they run, but nothing appears in the screenshot tab. I’m not getting any errors in the log, either:

Executing: | captureEntirePageScreenshot | 1_LandingPage_${!clipboard} | |

  • [info]

a new screenshot captured

  • [info]

Macro completed (Runtime 31.46s)

Can anyone advise?



I guess it is the same issue as with CSV files: Local Storage CSV files not shown on the CSV management tab

=> we are working on it

Workarounds: It seems “only” the display is affected. So exporting the screenshots with LocalStorageExport still works. Or you switch to hard drive storage mode.

Unable to get screenshots in screenshot tab on playing the macro

Brilliant! Thanks for the advice :slight_smile:


The issue is fixed with the V3.5.6 release now. This is a Firefox only release that fixes just the display issue.