Extracting the variable from the website


I need to somehow extract the variable “3990.00” from the website without using the ID. (Because it constantly changes)

I am struggling with writing the command.
For getting it by ID the target would be “id=salesprice-DB0546”
What should I type to get it by class?
Thank you!


I assume some part of the ID stays constant? If so, then you can use this solution: https://a9t9.com/kantu/docs/selenium-ide/click#changingid

See also this forum post here: How get Kantu to work with dynamic ID's


Oh, and I noticed another issue with your code: To extract a value from a website (web scraping) you need to use use storeText or storeValue, but not storeEval).


Thank you so much! Fixed it.
Also, do you by any chance know how to convert “3.990” into the value 3990?
I am using the method StoreText as you suggested and this is what Kantu shows me in variables.

Should I ignore those quotes? Is it still a value or it has been extracted as a string?
I am multiplying this number by 2 later on in the macro, but it gives me an error. Im probably using the wrong syntax.

Thank you!


To access the value of the variable, you need to use ${salesprice}.

At this point, it is a string. If you need it to be a number, please use parseFloat("${salesprice}") or parseInt("${salesprice}").